Putting Lemons where our Heart is

Putting Lemons where our Heart is

The life of the Christian is initiated with Baptism—and, believe it or not, with the help of LEMONS.

In addition to water and the word, which are essential, other sacramentals such as beeswax candles, exorcised salt, and sacred oils are employed for this ancient Rite. But when all is said and done, lemons serve a crucial role in “clean up” and assist the priest “purify” his fingers which are covered in Sacred Chrism and the Oil of the Catechumens. Lemons, with their natural dose of citric acid, help dissolve the “oiliness.” More than just primitive dish soap, their presence and use spoke of the dignity of the ceremonies. You see, lemons were neither inexpensive or easy to come by in Rome and ancient Europe, but when possible their help was employed. Centuries later this noble custom has been handed down and extended to three other Sacraments which likewise involve sacred anointings—Confirmations, Holy Orders and Extreme Unction.


So, sour lemons assist the sweet sublimity of the liturgy? Absolutely!


As lemons have benefited Christians and the Church for centuries, as founder of Lem-Message I am committed to tithe proceeds Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam—for the Greater Glory of God! With your help—when you purchase a Lem-Message—lemons will continue to assist the sacred liturgy and promote the ancient rites of the Church, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass.


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Assisting Heaven and Earth

This quarter, when you purchase a Lem-Message, 10% of earnings will assist the Latin Mass community of Queen of Peace Church in Patton, PA. 


Currently they are raising funds for new altar linens.  Here's a view of their beautifully restored church.


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